Vogelsang at Busworld in Brussels with solutions for clean wastewater disposal

Essen/Oldb., September 3, 2019 – Vogelsang GmbH & Co. KG will be at Busworld from 18 to 23 October (hall 1, booth 168) with its RoadPump systems for clean wastewater disposal for coaches. The solutions are suited to bus companies that want to dispose the wastewater from their coaches professionally and cleanly at their own depot, for example. The systems can also be adapted to the user's requirements. The RoadPump Eco is designed as a mobile wastewater disposal system, which is an ideal affordable solution for smaller bus companies. As well as wastewater disposal, the stationary RoadPump Easy system can also supply coaches with flushing water.

Hygienic disposal process with the BusPlug
Wastewater is collected in the CollectingMax drip pan and then pumped into the sewage system or into a collection tank and transported to the sewage treatment plant. Bus companies can also fit their busses with the BusPlug. This patented suction nozzle is attached to the wastewater tank. This allows bus toilet tanks and extraction stations to be connected with a hose. This continuous disposal system prevents soil contamination and unpleasant odours. The RoadPump disposal systems are fitted with a Vogelsang rotary lobe pump of the VX series. The pump has a particularly compact design and is resistant to foreign matter in waste water such as toilet paper.

Vogelsang at Busworld, 18 - 23 October 2019, Brussels: Hall 1, booth 168.