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As a B2B company, do you have products and services that require explanation? Are you in competition with a number of similarly positioned suppliers? If so, this will have an impact on your corporate communications: you need to present your offer very clearly to the outside world to stand out from the competition with a clear positioning.

Are you looking for a PR agency that presents your complex topics in a way that’s both understandable and attractive – while keeping all your target groups in mind? Are you looking for THE story about your company and your products that provides a common thread for all your communication activities?

Together, we will develop a PR strategy that fits your brand, your product range and your resources. With us, you will benefit from high editorial quality, imaginative storytelling and a sound, strategic approach to PR and social media. As an agency with digital expertise, we can help you to put out high-quality content on all suitable channels.

VOCATO has been advising B2B companies and associations on all kinds of communication issues since 1999. The clients of our owner-managed PR agency from Cologne include small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) throughout Germany as well as larger medium-sized companies and groups with an international background.

We are familiar with a wide range of sectors, encompassing IT and technology, finance and insurance, mechanical engineering and agriculture.

Our business areas cover all disciplines of B2B corporate communications: consulting on strategic communications, content creation including repurposing for blogs, white papers and case studies, as well as classic press relations, social media, trade fair PR, and employer and crisis communications.

Let us work with you to create a solution for your corporate communications that suits you! Talk to us today.


Workshop as the basis of your PR strategy:

We use various workshop formats to develop individual, strategic foundations.

In our Messaging Workshop, for example, we identify core messages about your company and your products.

Want to know where you currently stand in terms of your PR? In a short Impulse Workshop, we will evaluate your corporate communications and give an initial consultation for professionalisation.

Social media for B2B: Want to position yourself more strongly on social media platforms, but don't know which ones or how? In our Social Media Workshop, we will develop the right strategy for your company.

Is a shortage of skilled workers an issue for you? In our Employer Branding Workshop, we help you to successfully address potential employees and turn existing employees into ambassadors for your company.

Join us on the path to digitalised communications.

„Tell us your story – we spread the word.“

Corinna Bause & Birgit Brabeck, Managing Directors

Industry sectors we work for


Whitepaper zur B2B-Kommunikation

Reference projects

Social Media Workshop

Social Media Workshop

We conduct social media workshops to make the social media presence more interesting and appealing or to approach it in the first place. For the RIW Service Group, we evaluated the current situation on the basis of a social media audit conducted in advance, analysed the strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and risks and then planned the concrete implementation together with RIW.


Employer Branding

To increase employee satisfaction and improve the employer brand, one of our customers decided to introduce employee benefits such as Flexible Work, company fitness and a mobility grant. We accompanied the roll-out of the benefits with internal PR tools such as intranet articles, flyers, presentations and FAQs.

Crisis communication

Crisis communication

If a company wants to be prepared in the event of a crisis, a crisis manual is indispensable. For one of our customers, we reviewed the outdated crisis manual and rewrote it to meet current requirements. We then developed an individual crisis manual workshop to train the defined crisis team.

media training German markets

Media trainings

A good press interview often paves the way for your further communications success. That's why preparation for interviews is the be-all and end-all of media relations. Regular media training makes you confident for dealing with journalists: What does the editorial team need? What do I prepare? How do I react to critical questions and pitfalls? So that you come across as competent and likeable - even in a crisis.


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