Our PR Workshops

Workshops for B2B communication


We set up every new communication project strategically and goal-oriented  be it a comprehensive realignment or optimisation of your corporate communication, honest employee communication, effective employer branding or a suitable social media strategy. In a half-day workshop, we develop your individual strategy for internal or external communication events.

PR messaging workshop

B2B topics are often tricky and everyone involved in the company has their own ideas in their head about how best to communicate them. In our workshops we put these thoughts in order. Using easily accessible moderation techniques, we collect arguments, structure and prioritise; we question some things, follow up or give new impulses. In a communication workshop lasting several hours, we develop the guidelines and core messages for your PR project.


Pulse Check Crisis Communication

Why you should prepare for crises? Because in an emergency there is no time to appoint a spokesperson or discuss communication channels. Therefore, use quiet times for your crisis prevention.

In our pulse check we ask you the essential questions about possible prevention measures, you answer. You will then receive a recommendation paper with improvement measures – you can implement these independently or with external help.

B2B communication workshop

B2B communication workshop

The services we provide in the B2B communication workshop:

  • Development of strategic
    communication basics
  • Definition of PR goals and
    target groups
  • Selection of suitable communication tools
Employer Branding Workshop

Employer Branding Workshop

The services we provide in the
Employer Branding Workshop:

  • Phrasing of the "Employer
    Value Proposition
  • Development of core messages
    together with HR Karma
  • Measures for an individual
    approach to applicants
Social Media Workshop

Social Media Workshop for B2B

The services we provide in the
social media workshop:

  • Development of a suitable social media strategy
  • Definition of goals/target groups
  • Development of a suitable
    content strategy
  • Implementation of activities
Messaging Workshop

Messaging Workshop - also virtually

The services we provide in the messaging workshop:

  • Development of central
    communication messages
  • Key statements on the company, products & services
  • Working out the USP's
  • Topics for storytelling