Media relations

Media relations

Media relations work for B2B

In spite of social media, media relations work remains a fundamental pillar of corporate communications. Here, the right storytelling is crucial for B2B PR and association communications.

As a PR agency based in Cologne, we support B2B companies and associations in Germany and Europe with professional media relations work, increasing their chances of being reported on and their media relevance.

We have spent 18 years intensively nurturing contacts with journalists from leading German-language news and trade presses, as well as specialist and online editorial teams working in sectors such as technology, finance, insurance, HR and agricultural economics. Dealing with journalists professionally and respectfully is very important to us.

Storytelling in the media

B2B topics often require explanation. We take your stories and products as a basis and tease out what is of interest to your PR target groups. We prepare the topics and position them in the relevant media – in print and online. PR tools we use for media relations work:

  • Interviews
  • Written statements
  • PR events such as press conferences, round-tables or web conferences
  • Specialist articles
  • User reports and/or success stories
  • Press releases and commentaries

Part of good storytelling is multimedia support through images, podcasts, videos and social media. Cultivate your website as a central element of your corporate communications – we advise and support you in the conception, text and search engine optimisation for your website.

Whitepaper: Successful Press Releases

Do you need more awareness and expert positioning in the media? Then write convincing texts! Well-made content is an important part of modern corporate communication. By this, B2B companies increase their media awareness and achieve expert status.

Our Whitepaper "Succesfull Press Releases" gives you an overview of different formats of press texts. You receive tips on how to meet journalistic requirements and which formats classic media relations need today.