PR strategy

PR strategy

Individual communication strategy

For customers and PR agencies, a strategic approach with clearly defined PR goals is as effective as it is profitable in corporate communications.

After all, today's big challenge in communications work is to fill numerous channels with high-quality, targeted information and at the same time maintain sight of all target groups.

It is only through meaningful PR measures that your PR strategy can be successfully implemented over the long-term too – regardless of whether you opt for a comprehensive PR package or for partial services such as social media support, website texts or classic press relations work.


Powerful PR messaging

For successful communications work, it’s important that companies send out clear messages to their PR target groups. Systematic use of these messages throughout all PR work creates the best conditions for a transparent public image and therefore considerably increases competitive edge.

In the scope of a half- or full-day messaging workshop, we work together with our customers to develop the relevant communication messages for companies, products and services.

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Long-term PR concepts

We work with you to develop a communications concept that brings together PR strategy, PR goals and PR target groups as well as your communication messages as the core of our collaboration. The foundation for this is an analysis of strengths and weaknesses which enables us to identify the main areas for action.

We subsequently define your PR goals precisely and realistically, formulate strategy and tactics and derive meaningful communication measures.

Classic media are losing their reach, and new media formats are gaining in importance. With a professional communications strategy, you can lay the foundation for successful corporate communications.