Corporate Content

Corporate Content

Valuable content matters

Got some good ideas? Then keep your target group informed with the right content via various channels. These days, corporate publishing is about much more than just creating brochures and magazines. Corporate communications are shifting to the digital world – and the corporate website represents the central medium for dialogue with the target groups.

We design and copywrite for all forms of content – from corporate blogs and social media to websites and white papers. Our clients benefit from our industry expertise in the fields of IT, technology, finance, insurance and mechanical engineering.

Digital content marketing

Content marketing builds on a company’s PR strategy and the corresponding messaging. A content strategy aims to create high-value content in the context of the company and the industry in order to offer the user added value. This way, companies can reach both old and new target groups and offer opportunities for interaction.

We provide you with ideas on what kinds of content you can use to reach customer groups, how you can prepare it – with regard to search engines – and how to distribute it via your company's channels.

SEO for your website texts

Ninety-two percent of Internet users regularly use search engines to find their way around the web. So what could be more obvious than positioning one's own website optimally in the search engine rankings? This is only possible through SEO because only a placement on the first pages of search engines like Google will drive traffic to your company website.

VOCATO has the expertise you need to deliver the high-quality content that is essential for search engine optimisation:

  • Identification of search terms (keyword research)
  • Keyword potential analysis (by using leading SEO analytics tool XOVI) and keyword mapping
  • On-page and off-page optimisation
  • WDF-IDF optimisation
  • Definition of KPIs and SEO tools
  • Creation of high-value content