Crisis communication

Crisis communication

Are you capable of acting in a crisis?


Corporate crises are manifold – and they usually come unexpectedly. We can help you to anticipate critical situations and define your course of action and communications in advance. This way, you will be ready to take the necessary action, and as the crisis unfolds, you will have everything in place to enable you to communicate transparently

Curious? In our new whitepaper (download button on our home page) you will find the most important steps and measures that make up successful crisis communication (in German).

Agency for Crisis Prevention


Use the quiet times to prepare for possible business crises. We support you with, among other things:

  • Preparation of a crisis manual: the individual and indispensable guide for crisis prevention and management
  • Measures and tools for risk identification
  • Defining roles and responsibilities in your crisis team
  • Definition of target groups and channels for your crisis communication
  • Media training for your management
  • Preparation of statements, key messages and communication templates
  • Preparation of social media channels and a dark site

Counselling during the crisis


Often a business-critical situation only develops into a crisis when communication mistakes are made in the course of it. We help you as a company to retain information sovereignty in the event of a crisis and to become the first source of facts and information for journalists, employees and other interested publics:

  • Writing crisis statements (internal/external) and press releases
  • Contact point for the media and organisation of press conferences
  • Collating FAQs and information on further developments during the crisis
  • Ad hoc media training for your management and spokesperson
  • Support for your social media channels or advice on how to proceed
  • Media and social media monitoring for the period of the acute crisis and for deriving recommendations for action

In the course of a crisis, we remain your advisor and sparring partner for all further communication measures.