Vogelsang launches separator and other innovations in liquid manure technology

Essen (Oldenburg), Germany, November 22nd, 2021 – Vogelsang GmbH & Co. KG is launching a press screw separator. The mechanical engineering company introduced it at the in-house trade fair “Gülle Professional Days”, alongside other innovations for efficient liquid manure management. “To remain cost-effective despite the significant degree of regulation, our customers are increasingly relying on economical use of valuable liquid manure, including optimal nutrient placement. With this goal in mind, we are constantly developing our portfolio and have now added separation technology,” says Harald Vogelsang, Managing Director of Vogelsang GmbH & Co. KG.

XSplit press screw separator with new drive assembly

The XSplit press screw separator allows farmers and biogas plant operators to optimally separate the liquid manure and digestate for spreading and further use. Vogelsang has taken the tried and tested method of solid-liquid separation and redesigned the technology behind it. The drive is located at the solids outlet and not, as is customary on the market, at the inflow of the raw medium. The advantage: liquid cannot get into the drive and therefore a shaft seal is no longer necessary. This reduces maintenance effort and costs. In addition, the QuickService concept enables direct access to the screen and screw press.

Up to 40 percent dry matter content

A high-quality elastomer sealing disc, against which the screw works in the separation area, ensures reliable plug formation, without extra aid and with almost zero initial leakage. Thanks to the sealing disc and the individually adjustable press area, the press screw separator from Vogelsang achieves a dry matter content in the solid fraction of up to 40 percent, making it capable of meeting a wide range of requirements in agriculture. The separator will also be presented in the biogas segment at the BIOGAS Convention & Trade Fair 2021 in Nuremberg in December.

ExaCut ECC precision distributor without air suction

The newly developed ExaCut ECC makes Vogelsang the first agricultural technology company in the world to launch a precision distributor that does not require air suction and ventilation hoses, yet boasts an impressively high degree of distribution accuracy. The innovative rotor concept ensures that the liquid manure is fed into the hose outlets evenly. Where formerly some liquid manure escaped from the air suction, this can no longer happen with the new distribution principle. This is particularly important when cultivating grassland with slot equipment. In this way, farmers and contractors use the valuable material manure precisely and ensure optimized feed hygiene.

Modified UniSpread and BlackBird spreading linkages

The UniSpread universal linkage from Vogelsang is now also available in a working width of 10.5 meters. The automatic end-arm folding feature ensures an optimal maximum transport width of 2.50 meters as well as ideal transport height dimensions. The UniSpread is the compact retrofit solution, even for small liquid manure tankers, and can be equipped with either dribble bar or trailing shoe technology. The available working widths are between 6 and 10.5 meters. The BlackBird trailing shoe linkage in working widths of 21 and 24 meters has also been modified: it is now equipped with a simplified control. This facilitates connection to a new tanker, thus ensuring smooth communication between the tanker and spreading equipment.

Liquid manure acidification: SyreN redesigned

Moreover, Vogelsang has given the SyreN system a new look as well as safety upgrades. SyreN stabilizes the liquid manure during field spreading by adding sulfuric acid. This allows for optimal nutrient use and reduces ammonia emissions by up to 70 percent.

Further innovations at a glance

  • PowerFill Small: The compact filling aid for vacuum system-equipped tankers is available in two drive versions; the more powerful version achieves volume flow of up to 12,000 l/min. This reduces filling times for liquid manure tankers by up to 30 percent – a significant performance increase, while the weight of the new PowerFill has decreased by 40 percent.
  • ProCap T progressive cavity pump: Vogelsang is rounding off its pump technology portfolio with a new progressive cavity pump for tankers. The pump features a remarkably compact design with large free passage, making it low-wear and durable.
  • FPM sowing technology: The Flow Performance Monitor (FPM) uses sensor technology to monitor the free flow of seed and mineral fertilizer flows on pneumatic seed drills. The sensor reports blockages directly and reliably on the display in the driver's cab so that they can be rectified quickly. The robust construction of the FPM makes it resistant to wear, corrosion and foreign bodies.